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Good Quality Tires

With the Continental 4x4 WinterContact, you will not believe it is winter time. The way they grip the road is just impressive. Compared to other winter tires, these ones did not make the dreadful noise. My car has driven on these tires for a couple of winters, through the light covering of snow to the heavy unplowed snow and it’s been smooth riding. Overtaking used to be unthinkable but I can still be confident changing lanes and overtaking on the highway without fearing because the traction on 4x4 WinterContact, tires is very good. I am no longer one of those cars that fall into the ditch.

Mary, Ayer, MA.

Pleasantly Surprised With These Tires

I must say, I wanted to stay with my all weather tires a bit more but chose to change to Continental 4x4 WinterContact tires instead. 3 winters later and the tread is still great. It was pleasant to note that they are very quiet. I could drive on icy roads and ascend snowy hills without fear. I have seen how great they are on the highway because now I am able to change lanes without having to hit the curb or the ditch. If you need to stop suddenly, 4x4 WinterContact, will help you remain stable. I really love them!

Josh, Charlestown, MD

Awesome Tires

I got the Continental 4x4 WinterContact tires over summer and decided to try them before the winter. They were quiet and worked well on wet and dry roads. On the first snow fall, I used them and I could engage corners very well. They were quiet and made my car look good. I could brake at the stop sign without the fear of rear ending the car in front. I had no problems on snowy roads, wet or slushy areas and neither did I have issues with icy back roads. I have used Continental 4x4 WinterContact on my truck and I am very happy.

Shawano, Albany, NY

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Continental VancoWinter Excellent Superior Superior
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