Continental ContiWinterContact TS810 Tire Reviews

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Unbelievable Traction

I got Continental ContiWinterContact TS810 tires and they saved my life literally as I heading to an intersection and had stop abruptly for a heavy truck, which came out of nowhere, to pass. I was amazed at how the tires gripped the road like glue despite the snow that had fallen and the slippery road. Had these been other tires, I wouldn’t be here right now. They also are very stable especially when cornering and they ride comfortably on the ice and slush. The traction is out of this world. The ContiWinterContact TS810 tires are great over bumps and they ride very smoothly even over pools of water and ice.

Daccon, New York, NY

Tires with Kung Fu Grip

I drive a sports car and speed is my style. I have used the Continental ContiWinterContact TS810 tires for two winters now. These snow tires grip the road firmly like you will never believe and you will not find your car swaying around on high speed. Overtaking is made easy on the snow or ice. I do not have to wait for the snow to be plowed. Usually I will drive past the slush and pools of water on the highways without as much as a flinch. My tires came with a one year guarantee which I have never had to use. I am definitely staying with ContiWinterContact TS810.

Caroline, Providence, RI

Really Good Tires

The Continental ContiWinterContact TS810 tires are unbelievable! They just have a mechanical grip on the road from the treads they are made with which make it very hard to slide and lose control. These winter tires will just eliminate water and slush and you will not use the spikes and the chains again. They are not the best on the road for other seasons but during winter, they are really good tires. The traction around the curves and when climbing hills full of snow and ice is excellent. They are a bit expensive but when all is considered, ContiWinterContact TS810 are worth the price.

Jaime, Bozeman, MT

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